SaveUNICOINs Quickstart

Alright, alright! You know what this is all about and just want to become part of our community?

We get you going in these steps:

Install the Mist-Browser

…or the Metamask-Plugin for Firefox or Chrome. This is essential for interaction. We recommend the Plugin.
There you open a wallet where you will have to send your Ethereum to. To see/ copy your wallet’s address => Three-points-button => Copy address to clipboard If you live in the US you can also skip Step 2 and make the Plugin directly buy ETH via Coinbase (it’s not the cheapest way but reliable and within an acceptable range. We’ve never done it ourselves though and recommend Step 2.) Make sure you activated Unicoins by clicking the Plugin, selecting Tokens => Add Token => Our Contract-Address (This won’t be available before our Pre-Sale starts! Make sure you’re ready to go though when we launch on Oct, 9th!)

Go to

...or any other major exchange (,,...)
Open an account (make sure you activate two-factor-authentification)
Transfer some money and wait for it to clear.
As soon as this is done you can simply “Buy Ethereum”
and transfer it to your wallet. (Also see Step 1a)

If you want to see more

...go to and login with your Metamask Plugin at “View Wallet Info”.
Here you can also find your Transaction History, your Tokens or send Tokens back to your exchange. (Remember UCN must be converted to ETH first - yet ;)


To be able to interact with this website you need the Mist-Browser or the Metamask-Plugin for Chrome or Firefox.
If you do not have have either you can watch the Unicorn grow but you will not be able to feed it and sending messages to the world.
If you are new to the world of blockchain technology, wallets, Ethereum, and crypto-currency exchanges, we recommend one of the following videos (be)for(e) getting started.

You can pick one randomly:
Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes
How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical)
Blockchain - A short introduction


Hello again. Nice to have you here. A good question indeed: among entrepreneurs, a “Unicorn” is one of the few start-ups that has managed to become a global player. Amazon, Google, ebay, Apple, Facebook: all one-in-a-million-startups without the internet of today is unthinkable. We strongly believe that the blockchain technology is far more than a hype; this “trend” is THE technology of the future because it uses the internet as a tool for creating something unique: a decentralized database that grows steadily and which is owned by every user without any control or regulation by a government or a bank. Ethereum now is the blockchain this whole concept is build on. “Ether” is the cryptocurrency.

So what is this?

It’s the Unicorn. If you feed it, it grows and speaks your message. The more you feed the more it grows and the longer your message will be. Your message will disappear if your feeding timer’s up plus if it was fed again. The Unicorn holds a strict Unicoin-diet. One hour equals roughly 21870 UNICOINs - one minute roughly 30 UNICOINs.


UNICOIN. Our decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy UNICOINs either on our decentralized exchange from other users or directly with us. Just use the BUY-button at the bottom - or buy it on the exchange. Trades are done in Ether.

I got a UNICOIN-Coupon! Where do I redeem it?

Lucky catch! Just send your wallet address to and we will equip you with Unicoins and a little bit of Ether for some transaction. You can use a trash mail address if you want to stay anonymous. Coupons can only be redeemed during the pre-sale (October, 9th to 27th). Please give us 24 hours to verify your coupon.

But I don’t have a wallet! What is a wallet? Where do I get one?

Steady. Step by step. A wallet is literally a virtual wallet; basically similar to a online bank or PayPal account. If you’ve installed the metamask plugin, it will guide you through that. You could also create one at It’s free, no strings attached and done in less than 2 minutes. Voila. You just became part of the blockchain. (Important: Write down your password, preferably with pen and paper. Cause that’s the feature of the blockchain technology: there are no banks which hold a central register with all their customers. Your generated key and password are essential to access and restore your account, your ether-wallet!)

So how do I get Ether?

Two options Mining Ether (verifying the transactions of other users). That can be done either by yourself (with a potent graphics card) or for example via Genesis Mining. Far more easier and quicker: buying Ether. For instance at (Yes. Another account. But that’s the last one, we promise ;) Now just send your Ether to your wallet.

Fuck it. I’m done - but I still have UNICOINs. What are my options?

You can either feed them to the Unicorn to keep it healthy, happy, and growing (and send us a last love message) or, if you don’t care about the Unicorn, you can sell your UNICOINs for Ether on our exchange. Keep in mind that every user can buy UNICOINs also directly from us. The fewer the available number of coins the more expensive they will be. Please also don’t forget that every transaction costs a little bit of Ether.

I still have UNICOINs but can’t feed or sell them - Why?

Every transaction on this website is - for your safety - directly written into the blockchain and costs roundabout 0.000084 Ether at the moment; which equals (depending on the daily exchange rate) roundabout 0.04$. Without Ether, no (trans-) action. We don’t make money there. It’s the amount that goes to the one verifying your transaction (the “miner”).

I love the concept! I’d have a great idea!

You have ideas and suggestions what could appear next to the Unicorn? Leave us a message at!

My question wasn’t answered here! No problem! We’re always here for you!