Transparency and Disclaimer:

SaveUNICOINs is an art-tech project run by a group of programmers, artists, and other critical minds.
It pokes fun at the cryptocurrency-bubble in a satirical way, based on graphic and digital arts.
The money raised by the project will help us to launch further projects.
There is no return of investment and no pay-back of it.

SaveUNICOINs is not raising funds for a new cryptocurrency venture. We have already a fun-product!
The main application will be the ever growing unicorn, which neighs messages to the world.
This is a pre-sale of our UNICOIN tokens, which will enable you to
1) feed a blockchain unicorn with a small fixed amount of UNICOINS to spread a message to the world;
2) it will also allow you to witness an ever-inflating unicorn-bubble.
The Unicorn’s size will grow proportionally to the coins invested.

SaveUNICOINs is not a company and there are no shares that would entitle to voting power or profits.
We do not have a business plan. There will be a pre-sale of UNICOINS for a reduced price (discount).
UNICOINS are worth only what users are willing to pay. They are based on TRUST.

It is our firm idea to launch further projects together with interested users and supporters of SaveUNICOINs.
Please let us know in case you are interested!